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Here are some photos of our personal trainers during workout session at Superstar Gym in NYC.


our personal trainers doing cable curls

nyc personal trainers cable crossover and vibrational plate

fitness trainers in NYC on sensoboards doing balance and core training

personal trainers at Workout loft in NYC performing cable crossover exercise and abdominal exercises on vibrational plate machine

Pawel and Christian – our fitness trainers perform cable crossover exercises for biceps and triceps. In back is our vertical vibrational plate for abdominal workout.

They also use sensoboards for balance and core performance training.


Our clients enjoy results achieved in personal training. They love the feeling of being fit and achievement they get from getting stronger and better. They enjoy results of working out in the gym due that they can see fat dropping and lean muscle tissue increasing. That is the purpose of going to the gym, to improve, to excel and to get better physique than before.

Check out their before and after photos and their bodies. They excelled, got results and got what they always wanted. We produce the best results in personal training.

We have been doing so for over 10 years with consistency in achieving great results in training. After certain time you will get some sorts of results from training.

Just make sure you do not get disappointed. Our clients are joyful and cheerful due to the results they are getting from their fitness training. They love what they can see!


Our personal trainer George had a photo shoot for the fitness magazine last weekend. Here are some shots.

Our work and amazing body transformations are exhibited in many galleries through Chelsea, Tribeca and Soho. Millions of New Yorkers enjoyed our before and after photos of our clients. Our Personal training changed many bodies. Are you the next one?

If you are looking to change your body, look no further for inspiration. Julian did it in eight weeks with dedication and supervision of his personal trainers at Workout Loft. Not just that he shocked the world, he shocked himself too.

Nothing is impossible!

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year.

Your Workout Loft personal trainers.

Our world famous personal trainer Alejandro Quiroga – World Champion in Fitness, featuring new abs signature workout, exclusive at Workout Loft.

Signature abs workout was originally designed for our superstar clients, now it is available to you. Get ripped abs with the hottest abs workout. It produces results like no others. Check out before and after photos of our clients who recently did this program.

We produce extraordinary results in personal training thank to our world class personal trainers. Our trainers are World Champions in fitness and bodybuilding. They learned their job on the gym floor. They learned it from the best.

We do not believe that you can be a great trainer without any athletic achievements. You have to be an athlete to bring your passion and love in fitness to people.

You can’t learn sports from the books.  In order to get extraordinary results in fitness, you will need to hang around extraordinary people.

Our trainers won six World Championship titles in Fitness and Bodybuilding. On your way to the top train with the best.

  • We’ve been a leader in fitness personal training since 2ooo
  • We have the best results in the fitness industry. Not just NYC, in the whole world. See before and after photos of our clients.
  • Our personal trainers are the world champions in fitness and bodybuilding. Professional athletes.
  • Our workouts are customized and we deliver free customized nutrition program from the world’s best nutritionist.
  • Compare our results with other gyms. They do not even come close.
  • We have 4 convenient locations in New York City. Downtown, Midtown, UWS and UES
  • Our trainers are famous athletes: Syracuse Football Players, Swimming Champions and World Champions in Bodybuilding and Fitness
  • We produce results. Not promises.
  • Our trainers are not employees.They are owners of the company.  We take extra care of YOU. Other gyms have employees.
  • Ask New Yorkers about us. They will tell you who is real, who is NOT! People know it.
  • Our company is owned by professional athletes. Not venture capitalist and other people who never been athletes in their entire life.
  • We have no sales people. No pressure. Only results.
  • We believe that in order to produce quality you have to begin with quality.
  • Get the best body in 8 weeks. Watch out video about people who did it


    You need results in fitness not promises

Our superstar trainer Pete is one of the most popular personal trainer at Workout Loft New York.

Our clients love him. He was a swimmer, now he is focused on getting you in shape. Now it’s your turn. Get a dream body with all new routines designed by Pete. Try his new 8 week shape up plan. Get sexy abs with Pete. He will reveal you his top 10 foods that blast fat and curb your cravings. His new moves will get you a new body in 8 weeks!