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before and after photos personal training at workout loft NYC“I have dedicated my life to sports and optimizing performance in sports through advanced training and healthy nutrition,” says Ferrari, trainer at Workout Loft in NYC.

“My dedication to sports nutrition has produced world best body makeovers. Through being athlete I constantly search for optimum nutrition and healthy foods that will optimize performance in sports of my Audience,” he explains.  “As a fitness chef I create healthy gourmet meals that are both enjoyable to eat and deliver results in gym and sports fields.”

Ferrari has always been devoted to fitness and health and sharing the secrets of his successes with people lucky enough to know him.

William busy New Yorker transformed his body in 8 short weeks with our personal training program. He always dreamed to have six pack abs. With extraordinary effort from our personal training team he changed his body within eight short weeks.

Now the World has can admire his passion and willingness to change and succeed.


We got another body transformation New York is talking about. William changed his body in 8 weeks with his personal trainers Pete Levantis and Alejandro Quiroga. Nutrition plan was designed by Joe DiAngelo.

What an amazing body makeover. Many promise you results but do not know how to deliver. Our clients are getting results they want! And it should be so.

“The only time anyone has ever gotten seriously fat was when he decided he could do nothing about his body.” ~ Joe DiAngelo

Our client Mike changed his body in 8 short weeks.

Great work Mike! It proves what our personal trainers can do in 8 week.

Through latest and best workout programs we can achieve results in shortest time possible for our clients.

Here are latest body makeovers from our house in New York City.