weight loss in personal training

Everybody likes to reach definition, get ripped, look and feel great but they do not know how to do it.
We will give you following steps to reach your fitness target this year.

Know your body type

Do you know what is your body type? Have you recently measured your body fat levels, your calorie intake and resting metabolic rate? Do you know how many pounds of fat do you carry around every day? If not you will need to start with fitness assessment and get to know your body.

Weight training
You have to build muscle mass with weight training. Everything else is a myth. We gain weight in first place because we lose lean muscle mass and burn less calories, thus we gain fat.
Any type of training that is not focused on building lean muscle mass will fail you. Girls often get scarred of word muscle. We are talking here about lean muscle mass and not the bulk. So there is no need to worry.

Customize your nutrition plan
Now that you know your body composition and your body type better, it is time to have personalized nutrition plan that will be focused on your individual goals. If you think that generic nutrition plan will do the job, you will be out of reaching of your fitness goals.

Train right
Is your training tailored towards your body type? Does it attack your weak points and stimulate your strong points?
Training program needs to be tailored to the uniqueness of the person and taking in consideration of all components to deliver great results and defined physique.

Do your cardiovascular training right
Most people focus on cardio training and not on strength training when they try to lose weight. Focus should be on strength training and cardio training should compliment the weight training program.
Cardio without strength training often results in loss of muscle size and yo-yo effect. Plus on top of that without lean muscle size, man is looking flat and flabby.
If that is the look you are going for than good luck.

Focus on results
Athletes train in the gym to accomplish some task like strength gains that will allow them to perform better in sports.
You should be training for the goal. Do you have one? Do you want to look certain way? How about focus on results and set some deadline and keeping you accountable
for your progress in the gym and your weight loss. That is why we measure our clients every two weeks to check their progress and optimize the program for their best looks ever.

Are you training really or just participate in recreation activity and you do not know about it?
Training is doing what you can not do and not doing something what you are comfortable with. That is called recreation. Spa!

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