Many people workout for the wrong reason without knowing it. Many people go to the gym to look hot for their husband, wife, boyfriend/girlfriend or to look hot in order to hook up with someone.
Or some people have fear deep inside them. What fear? Well if they do not look certain way, they fear that their partner will leave them for someone else.
Or some people think that if they do not look certain way, their surroundings will not accept them or appreciate them.
You have no clue how many people I know living in fear. They think if they do not look certain way that people will not love them or appreciate them.
But the fact is they are full of fear. Insecure. Depressed. They need help.

Every time you workout for the wrong reason you will fail in achieving your fitness goals. Why?
Because you are doing for someone else and not for yourself. Or you are doing it based on your inner fears.

Every time you do it for someone else you will lose motivation and you will not be able to finish your fitness program and achieve your fitness goal.

I became a swimming champion because I love swimming. I did not care about money or pride or glory that comes with that. I just loved swimming. And I still do.

Many top athletes do the same. They do not care about what comes with being a champion, only they care about having fun playing basketball, tennis, football, etc..
Money and celebrity status comes after that. But that is a secondary. That is not the motivation.

Many celebrities get in top shape and they get fat afterward. Why? Because they have to get hot looking for certain movie or certain event and than they lose motivation and start eating like crazy and stop exercising.
They did not do it for themselves. They did it to please someone else. We see it all the times. And we start judging them because they gain weight. But the fact is they have inner problems. They need help just like me and you.

What you need to do is to focus on yourself and workout for health reason. Enjoying it. Have a passion about being healthy.
When you workout to relieve stress, to stay healthy, to get strong, you are doing it because you love yourself and not because somebody ordered you to do so.

Once you focus on your health and well being without caring how you will end up looking, you will start looking hot and sexy in no time.

How comes that?
Beauty comes from inside. Either inside of you is love towards yourself or there is a fear inside of you.

Whatever it is, it will come out. Beauty comes from love and everything else from your inner fears and insecurities.

Lose your fears and start living. Be who you are. Be happy and do it for yourself and not to please someone else.
You are beautiful the way you are. You are made perfect. There is no need to please other people. Do it for yourself because you deserve it.


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