Many people go to the plastic surgeries these days. Let me tell you one thing the liposuction surgery is not without risk.
Let’s talk about common procedure during liposuction. Yes, your fat can be removed but not more than 4 lbs at the time.
Let me talk about risks many people do not think about.
By removing fat cells from your abs area, no new fat can be deposited into these areas anymore. Ok, where the new fat will be deposited? Did you ask yourself this question? The new fat will be stored inside your belly and that is particularly dangerous: It increases your risk of having a heart attack. You may lose some fat by doing liposuction but you will prepare yourself for a heart disease.

Have you heard about the fat embolism syndrome? Fat gets loosened during the procedure and pieces lodge in the lungs, potentially causing death.

How about some other side effects like: excess skin and need for a lift, contour irregularities, liposuction scars, organ damage from injury, fluid imbalance, liposuction deaths etc…

One Thought on “Liposuction: Is It Worth The Risk?

  1. breast on June 29, 2006 at 11:32 am said:

    liposuction is a
    cosmetic surgery to remove subborn fat only, it is not a substitute to diet and excercise, if you can’t keep a healthy life style, it is not woth having a liposuction

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